What is the difference between Ji-kabuki and general Kabuki?

"Ji-kabuki" refers to Kabuki performed by local residents who are not engaged in acting as their profession.
Kabuki performed by professional actors in large theaters is sometimes referred to as "O-Kabuki."

What is Bunraku?

Bunraku is a type of puppet show that originated in Osaka during the Edo period; it is also known as "Ningyo joruri." One puppet is usually operated by a group of three people, who coordinate the puppet's actions with the dayu chanters and shamisen players.

What is Shishi-shibai?

This is a type of Ji-kabuki that features an actor wearing a lion mask.
One theory tells that this was done in the days when plays were prohibited so that people could make the excuse that it was "not a play, but a lion dance dedicated to the shrine" when questioned about it.

How do I get to Gifu Prefecture?

Please refer to "Access to Gifu Prefecture."
Gifu Prefecture's official website (https://www.pref.gifu.lg.jp/) also has a foreign language page. You can refer to that as well.

What kinds of accommodation are available in Gifu Prefecture?

Gifu offers a variety of accommodation, from large hotels to "Ryokan" Japanese-style inns and smaller "Minshuku" guesthouses.
Please refer to the Visit Gifu travel guide (https://www.kankou-gifu.jp/).
Many pages have substantial foreign language content as well.

Will I be able to see a ji-shibai play if I go to Gifu Prefecture?

Ji-shibai performances are held in various parts of Gifu Prefecture throughout the year.
There are also bus tours that offer a combination of ji-kabuki and sightseeing.
Please refer to "Ji-Kabuki—Edo no Shomin no Iki wo Tanoshimu Gifu no Tabi—(Ji-Kabuki: Enjoy the Essence of the Edo Period's Common People, A Trip to Gifu) (https://www.jikabuki.net/).

What kind of people perform in ji-shibai?

Ji-shibai performers are not individuals whose main livelihood is in working as professional actors, but rather local people who usually work in fields other than acting. For details, please refer to "What is Ji-Shibai?" on this website.

Do I need to make a reservation or pay for admission to see a ji-shibai play?
Advance reservations and admission fees are required for some performances.