What is Ji-Shibai?

Here we introduce the pleasure of Ji-shibai from the perspective of a person who has continued to be involved in Ji-shibai since childhood.

Supporting Ji-Shibai

This section introduces choreographers, shamisen players, tayu chanters, makeup artists, and other individuals who support these plays from behind the scenes.

Highlights of Ji-Shibai

Here you can find videos of Ji-shibai performances with descriptions of characters and synopses.

Takayama Jinya Ji-kabuki special performance

Ji-kabuki is a form of local kabuki that has been performed by local amateur actors since the Edo period (1603-1868) at shrine festivals and playhouses. There are more than 30 Ji-kabuki preservation groups in Gifu Prefecture, making it one of the most active regions in Japan. Ji-kabuki is still performed in the nine historical theaters that still exist in the prefecture, just like in the Edo period.

360° Playhouse

Amongst the regions of Japan, Ji-shibai particularly flourishes in Gifu Prefecture. Even today, many old playhouses still remain, and Ji-shibai performances continue to be staged.
This site introduces playhouses using images shot with VR cameras in a way that makes history come alive.Enjoy learning about how these playhouses were designed and the ingenious special techniques that are unique to these theaters.